Chapter 3: Pacifies a Lier
hd video, 12’42”, 2022 | collaboration with Better Lovers

The fertile ground of your imagination is all that is needed. Four figures of authority: The Lecturer, The Mother, The Scientist, and The Artist guide you towards a material understanding of your beliefs. Sometimes this can be painful, but it is easier in your sleep.

Chapter Three: Pacifies a Lier is part of an ongoing series of experimental shorts conceived of as a guide for learning pottery-making through hypnotism. The film probes through dark psychological vignettes like Russian nesting dolls. A lecturer is interrupted by a commercial for a prosthetic glove. A scientist conjures a carbon snake. An artist directs protégés in syncopated, rhythmic movements. As ideas appear and reappear in temporal spiraling, perceptual experience and the process of learning become indistinguishable. Material and psychical space collapse through a tattoo parlor, a parapsychology laboratory, and a skylight. You can pick up your work next week.