Vive Google Maps, Vive L’Amour
hd video, 3’48”, 2018

Vive Google Maps, Vive L’Amour juxtaposes a walking sequence from Taiwanese director Tsai Ming-Liang’s Vive L’Amour (1994) with a real-time recreation on a similar walk following Google Maps. By contrasting the cityscape extracted from a fiction film and the all-pervading Google Maps, the video explores our perception of space, traces of collective memories, and the impact of documentation in the juxtaposition of the same location of different temporality presented as framed moving images.

D-normal/V-essay 平地數碼 – Video Zine #3 錄像雜誌第三期 / Presencing … Becoming 就在此瞬間

I found this work quite interesting as it allows me to build a relation to the video and at the same time extend my understanding of Tsai Mingliang’s original film. It also reminds me of how to extend and further contextualize a movie. (WONG Fei-pang)

I haven’t seen Tsai’s work. What I like is its presentation of using Google Map only. This approach results in subduing emotions and yet by doing that it takes the work to a higher level of emotional impact. (John Chow)